Ship MV. Genius Star XII and MT. MTM HONG KONG Handled By PT. Samudra Shipping Agency, Colllaboarates With BUP PT. Herlin Nusantara Jaya Support Logistic Transportation

MediaSuaraMabes, Balikpapan – The Arrival of the Foreign Ship MT. MTM Hong Kong belongs to the MTM Company. Ship Management PTE, LTD and Cargo Vessel MV. Genius Star XII owned by Global S,A Company at Class I Port of Balikpapan, and berthed at the TUKS KRN Jetty on August 3rd, 2023 is a form of commitment from the management of the Ship Agency Company PT. Samudra Shipping Agency Balikpapan supports the smooth running of sea transportation logistics as well as and support for the Development of the Capital City/Ibu Kota Nusantara (IKN).

It is known that the ship MT. MTM Hong Kong lead Master by Capt Lwin oo, is a type of Tanker Ship with Call Sign 9V3600, LOA 174.38 meters, GRT. 20.043, NRT. 9091, the Singapore flag will load Palm Oil cargo from the KRN Jetty which will be brought to the Port of Paranagua (Brazilia). If the MV. Genius Star XII came from the Philippines with Master Capt Liu Zhengwei, Panama flag, LOA 124.55 meters, GRT. 996, NRT. 4199, which is loading PKE cargo at the KRN jetty whose cargo will be brought to China.

PT. Samudra Shipping Agency Balikpapan with Branch Head Mr. Bukhari Yusuf, is one of the leading shipping management service companies in Indonesia which has been equipped with ISO 9001:2005 certification which means it is an international standard in Quality Management System Certification. With the main business of ship services, including General Ship Agent, Port Handling Agent, Owner Protection Agent, Docking/repair Agent, Bunkering and Freshwater Services and Sea Services (General Ship Supplier).

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Mr. Bukhari Branch Head Ship Agency PT. SSA said, with many choices of BUP Pilotage companies at the Balikpapan Port, so PT. SSA chose cooperation and synergy with Pilotage and Towage together with PT. Herlin Nusantara Jaya, which is always committed and provides excellent Pilotage and Towing services and will have even better cooperation, said Mr. Bukhari Yusuf.

Head of Branch the Pilotage and Towage of BUP PT. Herlin Nusantara Jaya with the call of Capt Nuril Huda SSiT, MA, MMar, also explained the improvement in the quality of service to customer partners and shipping agency companies in Balikpapan, we will provide the best service to customers, especially in terms of safety and security, no delay and no waiting time for pilot, explained Capt Nuril.